Services & Skills

Our Services

EMC Services provides a diverse range of testing and engineering services.

EMR / EME & EMF- Human Exposure and Explosive Hazards
EMC/EMI Compliance to Australian/NZ and Overseas Regulations
Electromagnetic Interference to Radio & TV Broadcast Reception
Interference Hazards to Computing and similar installations
Electromagnetic Site Surveys
Communications Security 

Our Skills

EMC Services use only qualified engineers who are extensively experienced in EME and EMC for all work performed for their clients.

This is seen to be essential particularly in the more sensitive areas of work such as providing EME predictions, measurements or advice.

The engineers who perform work for or in association with EMCS have a high profile in this field both in Australia and internationally.

All were leaders in their fields in Telstra, Department of Defence, Sydney Electricity (Energy Australia) and the ABC before going into private practice.

All are involved in either EMC or EME/EMR standards committees and have held positions as either chairman or secretary of one or more of the respective committees.