Country Compliance

EMCS provides testing for compliance to all major EMC standards applicable in Australia and overseas.

EMC Services provides specialist services in testing and re-engineering for the following:

C-Tick and A-Tick
CE Mark
FCC approval

EMC Services provides guidance to manufacturers, exporters and importers on their obligations in regard to EMI / EMC regulations, the standards to be satisfied and the ways in which compliance may be achieved with minimum cost and inconvenience.

Compliance Testing

EMC Services also provides advice on the Testing Facilities available in Australia and overseas, their appropriateness and charges.

If desired, EMC Services will arrange for your product to pass through all stages necessary to achieve CE and C-Tick marking, CSA and FCC approval. By this means, an assured result may be achieved in the shortest possible time.


EMC Services has facilities to pre-assess compliance of your product and provide solutions to overcome problems encountered at a considerable saving on the cost of submission to a formal Test Facility.