RF Site Surveys

An essential first step to rectifying EMF and EMI problems is the determination of what the levels of radiation are at a site of concern and what the sources are. When possible the sources are already known the levels at the site of concern can usually be calculated. Often, however, an actual survey of actual RF levels at the site is required. EMC Services many year of work in this arena leaves it uniquely placed to competently carry out such surveys.

We possess the experience and know how to be able to accurately asses sites and advise on whether prevailing EMF levels will be be compatible with your planned use for the site, or advise on whether the levels might be contribute to operation difficulties at the site.

Having assessed the site we can also advise on the likely interaction of any planned equipment with existing equipment on site, including intermodulation analyses. Where the installation comprises a transmitter, projected power levels at sites of interest can be calculated in order to increase confidence that any new installation will have minimal impact on the surrounding community and infrastructure.