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EMC Services is Australia’s premier NATA accredited test facility for tests to ARPANSA standard RPS3 and AS/NZS 2772, and is accredited to provide the certification to Categories A & B and Categories 1 & 2 of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s mandatory ‘Human Exposure Standards and Compliance Framework’ which was mandated in 1999 and revised in March 2003.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR/EME)
It is known that exposure of the human body to high levels of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), sometimes called Electromagnetic Energy (EME), may lead to adverse health effects.
The potentially harmful effects of long term exposure to the low levels of electromagnetic fields surrounding power lines and electrical devices is perhaps the least well understood aspects of EMF.
Screened Rooms
Whilst the the most desirable approach to managing EMF levels is usually the identification of the contributing EM components and manage their levels at source, this is is not always practicable