Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

It is known that exposure of the human body to high levels of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), sometimes called Electromagnetic Energy (EME), may lead to adverse health effects.

To ensure the protection of personnel in the workplace and to protect members of the general public, it is essential that the EMR / EME levels around EMR sources comply with the limits set by ARPANSA (ARPANSA standard RPS 3).

Electromagnetic Radiation EMR and EME

The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and State and federal Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) regulations places the responsibility for the safe operation of telecommunications facilities and RF machines (ISM apparatus), on the licence holders and employers.

Measurement results obtained from RF EMR / EME surveys are used to develop safe working practices and to protect the public from over exposure to EMR / EME.

The measurement survey is designed to locate all areas that exceed the maximum EMR exposure levels so that access to those areas can be restricted.

Electromagnetic Radiation

The survey results are the critical elements of the report. The accuracy and credibility of the results is therefore of paramount importance.

A NATA accredited measurement report provides the highest level of confidence that the site is in compliance, to prevent accidental over exposure to the general public.