Radiation Hazards

The potentially harmful effects of long term exposure to the low levels of electromagnetic fields surrounding power lines and electrical devices is perhaps the least well understood aspects of EMF.

The effects vary widely depending on the frequency and intensity of the fields concerned, and much of the published guidance available is notable for its identification of what levels are currently considered safe rather than what is harmful. In particular there is a shortage of data quantising the long terms effects of EMF.

The area is the subject of on-going research and a significant amount of public debate. Even in workplace environments, where EMF exposure is often higher than other environments, the advice issued is often cautionary but will usually stress that the currently available data is too limited to draw firm conclusions on what is categorically safe.

EMC Services long experience in this domain leaves it well placed to help guide you through and understand the current advice on safe exposure to EMF from bodies such as ARPANSA, the NHMRC and the ICNIRP and advise on how it may be best interpreted and implemented.