CE Mark Testing

Products exported to a member country of the European Community (EC) must comply with the EC’s EMC Directive 89/336/EEC and be EC marked.

A number of other counties accept products that meet the EC requirements.

EMC tests can be performed in Australia, which are deemed as compliance with the EC EMC Directive.

The tests required include low and radio frequency emissions (EMI) both conducted and radiated and immunity to a range of electromagnetic phenomena including electrostatic charges, radio fields, magnetic fields, transients, surges and harmonics.

A report from a reputable or accredited Australian test body will be accepted by the importer of your product as the proof required enabling him to sign a Declaration of Conformity with the requirements of the EMC Directive.

The EMC Directives requirements are far more extensive than those required for C-Tick compliance and may cost three to four times as much.

As a leader in EMC and EMI testing and associated services, EMC Services will:

advise on the CE requirements for your product,
carry out all necessary testing required to apply the CE mark,
provide engineering help to achieve CE compliance,
ensure the minimum cost route to compliance.