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The Australian government requires that all imported or locally produced electrical and electronic equipment comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) emission requirements. A compliant product must bear the C-Tick logo.

In some instances, imported products will have already been tested to a standard acceptable to the ACMA, if so you must obtain a full report of the test in English.

Reports from overseas should be from a laboratory recognized under one of Australia’s Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRA). Certificates are not acceptable.

CE and FCC marked products only comply if the above requirements are satisfied. The ACMA audits all companies and exacts harsh penalties for non-compliance.

If a full report to an acceptable standard is not available, testing will need to be performed for C-Tick compliance. It is advisable to use an Australian test authority such as EMC Services.

As Australia’s leading authority in EMC and EMI, EMC Services will:

advise on the C-Tick requirements for your product or application,
carry out all necessary testing for C-Tick compliance,
provide engineering help to achieve C-Tick compliance,
ensure the minimum cost route to compliance.

Compliance with Australia’s regulations provides automatic compliance with New Zealand’s regulations and marking. Additionally, a C-Tick compliance report is also able to be used towards compliance for CE marking.