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About Us

Prediction, Measurement and Consultancy Services

EMC Services Pty Ltd is Australia’s most experienced EMC, EMF, EMR & EME consultancy and test facility. Since 1995, EMC Services have been providing emission testing and prediction services for EMC, EMR, EMF - Electro-magnetic Fields to Australia’s broadcasters, mobile phone carriers, government, industry and the community.

EMC Services Pty Ltd specialises in providing Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Electromagnetic Emissions (EME) measurement, prediction and consultancy services throughout Australia.

Our skills in this area are widely recognized both in Australia and overseas. EMC Services have NATA accreditation for all testing services associated with the evaluation of safety for persons exposed to electromagnetic fields from power lines (EMF) and Radio Frequency sources (EMR /EME).

Our Portfolio

EMC Services provides a diverse range of testing and engineering services. We offer consultancy and advice on all aspects EMF, EMR, EMC and EMI.

Compliance with EMC and EMI Standards is a rigorous process. EMC Services has lead from the front worldwide when it comes to the development, improvement and enforcement of these stringent standards.
Meaningful testing and compliance with EMC and EMI Standards is only possible with properly calibrated antennas and equipment. EMCS has access to nationally accredited laboratories and facilities allowing us to offer calibration of a broad range of test equipment to internationally recognised standards.
EMC Services is Australia’s premier NATA accredited test facility for tests to ARPANSA standard RPS3 and AS/NZS 2772, and is accredited to provide the certification to Categories A & B and Categories 1 & 2 of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s mandatory ‘Human Exposure Standards and Compliance Framework’ which was mandated in 1999 and revised in March 2003.
With the increasing prevalence of electronic devices that that use radio technologies to enable them to be both smarter and connected with the other devices in our homes and offices the issue of EMF and EMR and how it relates to our health and well being has never been more relevant. EMC Services long background in the industry leaves us excellently placed to advise you on all aspects of EME and how they affect you.
EMC Services has decades of experience worldwide in minimising and preventing all aspects of non-ionising radiation, power frequency EMF, RF heating equipment (ISM), Communications and transmitters, computers and office electronics and, explosives.
Technological advances have surrounded us with and ever increasing array of devices that have RF communication at the core of their operation. They often operate in tightly packed and competed for portions of the RF spectrum. The scope for unwanted interaction between these devices and the power infrastructure that feeds them, resulting in interference to correction operation, has never been greater. EMC Services long history in this field leaves it uniquely placed to help both diagnose and correct current problems and anticipate new problems before they occur.