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RF Heating Equipment (ISM)

A high proportion of industrial and medical processes now use High power Radio Frequency (RF) heating processes, or use high power RF sources to perform their basic functions.

These include: microwave ovens, plastics and metal welders, package sealing equipment, drying kilns, diathermy machines, ultrasound equipment etc.

Exposure to the RF radiation of many of these equipments may be injurious to health, consequently their operation must conform to Occupational Health and Safety requirements.

The applicable safety regulations in Australia are predominantly State based and are in various stages of development, however all require employers to carry out a Risk Assessment in relation to the associated work practices and to apply appropriate Standards.

For RF radiation from ISM equipment, the limits and requirements of ARPANSA standard RPS3:2002 apply.

EMC Services provide a complete service to employers including performance of a risk assessment, recommendations on the required procedures and their implementation if desired.

All potentially hazardous installations should be certified annually by an accredited (NATA) test authority. EMC Services is NATA accredited and able to issue the appropriate reports and certificates.