Industry Experience

EMCS is headquartered in Sydney and operates throughout Australia and overseas.

Our experience is comprehensive and covers the engineering and testing services for RFI (now EMI), EMC, RADHAZ, HERO, COMSEC and TEMPEST and includes the survey, specification, design, investigation and measurement aspects of the following:

Broadcasting Transmitters and receivers, transmit and receive station facilities, studio equipment including audio processing, recording and switching apparatus.
Telecommunications Equipment including telephone apparatus, exchange, switching and long line apparatus, VHF, UHF and microwave bearers, fibre optic systems, data, voice and video equipments, land mobile radio, cordless telephones, AMPS and GSM cellular telephone.
Medical Hospital and clinical equipment including patient monitoring apparatus, ECG, CATscan, ultrasound, radiology and diathermy equipment.
Military Naval surface ships and shore station, fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, their air bases and aerodrome support systems, aircraft carriers and submarines, including their radio, teletype, crypto, DF, sonar, radar, ECM, gunnery and missile systems; tactical, communication switching and data processing computers. Army equipments including radio, radar, rangefinders and tactical vehicles.
Power Generation and distribution equipment, power transmission lines, including generators, alternators, regulators, frequency converters, substations, transformers, switchgear and protection relays, transmission lines, UG cables, pilot lines, metering and data logging.
Industrial Equipment including electric welders, variable speed controllers, DC and AC drives, RAPS, induction heaters, RF welders, industrial microwave ovens, lifts and lifting equipment.
Manufacturing Whitegoods, browngoods, office equipment, PCs, appliances, electric tools, luminaries and lighting apparatus, HVAC.
Transport Electric railways/tramways, motor vehicles (electric and internal combustion engine).