National EMC Calibration and it's parent group, EMCS, have exclusive access to a suite of test sites and laboratories, including those of the National Measurement Institute Australia (NMIA), allowing us to offer an extensive calibration service to both local and international clients.

Our own facilities at Frenchs Forest include an anechoic screened room and fully calibrated spectrum analysis and generation equipment allowing us to readily examine EMC issues over a broad range of devices and frequencies.

The NMIA laboratories at Lindfield are comprised of a high quality 20m x 30m open area test site and supporting facilities to allow the calibration of antennas of all types and sizes using the three antenna methods prescribed in CISPR 16-1. Calibration at microwave frequencies is performed in the NMIA fully anechoic chamber using methods fully compliant with CISPR 16-1-6 and SAE ARP958.

For analysing larger devices, EMCS's outdoor test site located at Hampton outside of Sydney, is one of the most versatile in the country.