Electromagnetic Interference to Radio & TV Broadcast Reception

EMI - Electromagnetic Interference to radio and TV reception may result from the associated receivers being located in a hostile environment or in an area where the available signal is inadequate (i.e. in a fringe area or receive signal shadow).

The Australian Communications Authority (ACA) is the government body responsible for the investigation of radio and TV interference and should be the initial point of contact.

Where the solution to the problem is outside the domain of the ACA or where independent advice is desired, EMC Services is able to provide assistance with engineering services required, to devise and implement solutions or to carry out an in-depth investigation and to report on the problem.

EMI - Electromagnetic Interference from Powerlines

The most common cause of EMI electromagnetic interference to radio and TV emanates from the arcing and corona occurring on high voltage power lines.

This interference is strongest in areas close to power lines and remote from the broadcast transmitter or where the reception of radio and TV is poor. Details of this and other forms of interference are given on the ACMA website.

The elimination of this form of electromagnetic interference (EMI) is ultimately the responsibility of the power authority.

EMCS provides assistance to consumers, power authorities and industry in devising and applying solutions to all forms of interference; we are Australia’s most experienced electromagnetic interference (EMI) consultancy.

EMI - Electromagnetic from ISM Equipment

Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) equipments are a potential source of electromagnetic interference (EMI) to communications and navigation equipment.

Most common of these is interference to aircraft flying overhead however nearby communications installations and general communications users may also be affected.

Radiation by ISM sources is limited under Australia Standard AS/NZS CISPR 11 in both horizontal and vertical directions.

The electromagnetic interference (EMI) characteristics of ISM equipment is spurious to the primary function of the apparatus and should be checked annually.

A convenient and appropriate time is when the safety hazards of the equipment is also being evaluated. EMCS is fully accredited to perform EMI testing.