Communications, Broadcast Transmitters and Radar

Transmitters for broadcast radio, TV and communications are often high powered ranging up to several hundred kilowatts.

Radar systems frequently are of similar powers with peak powers well above their average output.

Many satellite earth stations emit powers of more than 10 kilowatts in concentrated in a narrow beam similar to that emitted by radar systems with an intensity that may be injurious for distances of 1 kilometre or more.

All communications and radar transmitters are subject to the limits of ARPANSA standard RPS 3:2000 under the requirements of the Radiocommunications Act as amended in March 2003.

This legislation requires the aggregate emissions by the transmitters of each licencee to comply with the limits at any one site.

Where the site is occupied by more than one licencee, the aggregate emissions of all transmitters must additionally comply with the applicable OH&S requirements for that area and state and to the site owner/manager.